Islamic star window detail

holographic eyeball necklaces
Gouffre des Trois Ponts, Liban
Gustave Moreau, La Toilette

Gustave Moreau, Goddess on the Rocks



Moon to Moon Blog: The Glass House

SO beautiful

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Tue StagWoman medicine doll is finished. I am very grateful to Julia of @sacredfamiliar who creates these powerful beings, and that allowed me to draw them. This drawing took at least 120 hours, then I lost the count 😝 it’s painted on handmade cotton paper, with inks and watercolors, gold, silver and diamond ink. The technique is basically a layering of dots, and that’s the reason why it takes so long to draw one.  StagWoman doll now lives with me, she has such a protective, warm personality, mixed with an ancient soul. It was beautiful to draw her while having the original doll close to me, and to listen to her voice…and now it’s time for the next one! ❤️❤️❤️


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